Jaipan Air Fryer

Jaipan YJ2588 2.5-Litre Air Fryer (Black)

It is detachable, therefore, it becomes easy to use the basket plus it becomes easy to cleanUnique food basket The food basket provided in the fryer has unique featuresAlso, the Jaipan air fryer has a power cord storage within the applianceNon-slip feet and power cord storage, the bottom of the appliance is not slippery and hence prevents from any damageTemperature and timer controls: It has a 30-minute timer, the adjustable thermostat and temperature light helps you to keep the temperature under monitored controlMaterial: The air fryer has an aluminium cooking pan and stainless steel lid, the overall material coating makes it an easy-to-clean cum easy-to-use fryerCapacity: The electric fryer has a decent capacity of 800 gm