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24 September 2018 | Written by  Administrator

Where does time go? With September already midway, we are faced with concerns over time because it keeps slipping away from us while we are caught up in the day to day bustle in our lives. With the busiest days of the year ahead of us — lots of festivals, lots of family gatherings and parties to look forward to, Jaipan has a list of products that will be a welcome addition to your life especially when you have so much to do and so little time to prep for the incoming festive season.

Below are some products we think you should always have in the house and if you have misplaced or broken any of these items, then order brand new from Jaipan by clicking on each product.

An iron — Have you noticed the number of social visits to your house increases during the festive season? Even now during Ganpati — a stream of aunties, uncles, cousins, family friends and friends will be coming over to meet you, or you will find yourself going to meet — because that’s what we do during festivals! So, if you happen to be wearing your home clothes (Read: clothes you would not be caught dead in during a social meeting) then you know the value of an iron. With only twenty minutes notice that someone is coming over, you need to get ready quickly! So keeping an extra iron handy in your room means in just a few moments your old t-shirt and loose trousers wearing self can change up the look by throwing on a nicely iron pressed shirt. No one will know that the jeans you’re wearing are yesterdays clothes. 10 points to you if that aunty compliments your clothes. ;)

Hair dryerCan be found in nearly every woman’s bathroom and is always taken for granted. In case you are in between hair dryers or are used to going to the neighbourhood hairdresser for a blow dry then you should know this: There is nothing more annoying than coming out of a long relaxing bath than to be told by mummy dearest that guests are coming in 15 minutes. While there is nothing wrong with traipsing around the house with wet hair — it just doesn’t look so smart (at least in mummy’s eyes) so put your best tress forward and get yourself this hair dryer so that your hair is never in a wet situation.

A coolerThe weather is transitioning from heavy duty monsoons to hot and balmy days that are notorious in October. So that means your family visits coincide with sticky air and if you don’t have an air conditioner this makes for a very sweaty and uncomfortable scene indeed. There is nothing worse than grumpy guests doling out catty comments just because the lack of comfort is high, so be wise and buy yourself this cooler so that the temperature of the weather and the socialising factor is nice and cool as opposed to hot and irritable. You can even do yourself a solid and install a cooler in the kitchen so that the cooks of the house don’t suffer in silence. Cooking for your guests does not have to be physical torture — let it remain a mental anguish only. ;)

Juice maker Yes, we know it is the norm to give your guests tea, coffee or soft drinks. But in the heat — tea and coffee are often turned down. And while soft drinks are always a popular option, they are just not healthy at all. While it has been prevalent in our culture to never turn down a chilled soft drink let us show our guests we care about their health. A fresh juice from our juice maker is just the solution because the ingredients are natural and healthy not mention there is nothing more refreshing then a well mixed juice. Orange juice, pineapple juice and so many more options can be offered if you have a juice maker at hand.

Food chopper There is nothing more annoying than being in the kitchen the whole time your guests come to visit you. We get it, you want to serve them well but they have come to see you and spend time. So get yourself the tools to minimize time spent in the kitchen like this food chopper here. Ideally you want to prep before the guests arrive so that when you do have to go to the kitchen it is only to check on the cooking timer when the food has already been put on the stove. A food chopper takes away the pain of having to finely chop ingredients by having you just toss what is required and letting the machine do the nitty gritty work. We promise you this — your guests will notice that you are very much present when talking to them instead of calculating mentally how many tasks are left to do in the kitchen.

Air Fryer - It is no coincidence that we tend to put on more weight during the holidays, wedding season and festival time. There is an abundance of snacks being served not just at your own but also at other people’s houses. So with so much food being doled out it is not shocking to find a few kgs holding on to you steadfastly and a general feeling of being unhealthy and stuffed. To avoid these feelings in your own households make use of the air fryer — a handy little product that cuts down big time on your house hold’s usage of oil.

Every now and then we will do a product round up of certain Jaipan productsthat we see being indispensable to you, your household and your kitchen. They are certainly a necessity — but we have noticed a need for them when family and friends start coming over more — so in the hopes of easing your preparations for whatever festival lies ahead we have taken the liberty of spotlighting Jaipan’s finest through this blog.

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