About Us

The company has recently opened a direct marketing section targeted at women who wish to widen their horizons and use their time and talents profitably.

Future plans include joint ventures with leading international business houses to bring to India the latest and the best innovative products and the introduction of customer care centers all over India.

Diversification into the consumer non – durable is also on the anvil.

Jaipan Teleshopee Division is also planning to introduce many more Health Care products in near future. The company is also planning to export Gold Ornaments to European countries including Middle East countries also.

Jaipan has always nurtured an aim to achieve the most difficult target and set a record that nobody can break. From a 25 mixer per day company today Jaipan is recognized as one of the largest manufacturers with only one product, with the company Mixer Grinder, which is itself a record. The same can be seen with Nonstick Cookware where the company was launched with a production of 2500 pieces per month and today the company prospers with a sale of 1.45 lacs per pieces per month.

The company has also achieved tie-ups with Kmart and now has set a goal to showcase its products in Target and Wal-Mart, the two best stores of United States.

We in Jaipan today believe that the most valuable assets for the company are its people…..

Chairman : Mr. Jaynarayan Agarwal

Managing Director : Mr. Atin Agarwal

General Manager : Mr. M. B. Dave

Export Manager : Mr. N. A. Usmani

Sr.Regional Manager : Mr. A. O. Sharma

Executive Director : Mr. Manish Chaubey

And many more such person the list is endless…..

“Consumer satisfaction should be the first responsibility for any company”, Jaipan Industries Limited has been following this philosophy from its very inception. And to provide value to the consumer who benefit from its products, the company emphasize on total quality management and integrity.

Jaipan Industries Limited has always believed that to be the best one should deliver the best. Therefore the company constantly adapts itself to the changing environment and is strives very hard to upgrade with technology. And for this the company creates an environment to encourage and reward innovations, dedication and teamwork. The company believes that there is no short cut to success, but only hard work and perseverance can lead to success. The company being conscious of its responsibility to the society pledges to raise the standard of living of all citizens by actively supporting any cause which is for the upliftment of the society.

Jaipan Industries Limited values the life of its consumers and therefore to make their living happy and content, the company designs the most innovative and convenient to use products, which would make their life easier and enjoyable.

The little flame of lamp allows us to see through the darkness.

What started as dream 23 years ago has become a clear vision.

Jaipan Industries came into existence as full fledged Home appliances manufacturers    from   the   year    1984  under     the    leadership   of
Mr. J.N. Agarwal, Chairman of the group.

Mr.Agarwal has been the very bone of Jaipan for he has stood steady during the testing times.  It was 23 years ago he started Jaipan with a parallel objective of providing best quality products at an economic rate.

  1. It has a wide range of about 140 products.
  2. It has a network of 125 Distributor & 6000 dealers across the India.
  3. It has achieved turnover of the group over 100Crore.

Mr.Agawral also have a vision to set up the largest & the best domestic appliances factory in the world and to provide the Indian consumer with the world class Domestic Appliances at an  affordable price.

Therefore, today Mr. Agrawal takes this opportunity to invite everyone to interact with the company and know more about its people, business strategy, programs and vision and also share their relevant views and opinion regarding the same.

For he believes:

“Consumer satisfaction is company’s first responsibility and to provide value to the consumer who benefit from its product, company emphasizes on total quality management and integrity”.

Headed by Shri J. N. Agarwal, Jaipan Industries Limited is one of the leading names in the Indian Consumer Durable Industry. Some of the leading and renowned industrialists and technocrats hold a very important and responsible position in the company’s Board of Directors. Recognized as one of the largest companies involved in manufacturing and marketing of various Home Appliances and Non stick cookwares, the Company with a strong financial base aims to achieve an annual turnover of over 100 crores.

Jaipan Industries Limited has outstanding infrastructure facility for the production, manufacture and sales of domestic appliances worldwide. The company has excellent technical collaboration with well known international countries like U.S.A., Hong Kong and China. The company, by virtue of its products & quality has a strong presence in the Indian market as well that is supported by an efficient and energetic sales force through the length and breadth of the Country. Apart from domestic market, Jaipan products are also available in a number of countries like Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Nepal, U.A.E., etc. due to the untiring efforts of our Manager Exports – Mr. N. A. Usmani.